Prescriptions fall into three categories: (1) a request for a new medication; (2) a renewal for which there is an existing medication where there is no outstanding approval or where the approval period has expired, and (3) a refill for which there is a standing approval already documented and available for dispensing by the pharmacy.

The Practice encourages patients to contact their pharmacy directly to determine if a refill has been approved and to request dispensing accordingly. Patients are directed to contact the Practice if no more refills are available or if the request is for a new prescription.


The treating physician or advanced practice provider is responsible for determining the best course of medical care and pharmacological treatment for the patient.

The Practice schedules an appointment for a patient requesting a new medication. Requests for a new prescription or from a patient not seen for more than one year are not honored over the telephone, portal, or other means. Specific new prescriptions are not permitted over the telephone, even when a patient has been seen, such as controlled substances and certain high-risk medications as determined by the physicians and advanced practice providers (see below).

The Practice schedules an appointment for a patient requesting a renewal of an existing medication if the patient has not been seen for more than one year.

All patient requests made by telephone, portal, or other communication are documented in the patient’s medical record. The documentation includes detailed information about the medication, instructions provided to the patient, and identifying the employee filling the request.

The Practice accepts renewal requests via secure electronic communication through its patient portal or the Rx refill voicemail box. Morning requests are checked and processed immediately but no later than noon every business day, and afternoon requests are checked and processed by 5:00 p.m. every business day. Requests received after 4:00 p.m. are handled the following business day morning.

Controlled substances require an evaluation for renewal at least every six months per Florida statutes; more frequent visits may be determined by the treating physician based on the condition treated. Controlled substances for treating mental health conditions can be refilled via Televisit. Controlled substances for treating chronic pain or other non-mental health conditions require an in-person visit.

The patient must contact the pharmacy or Practice before running out of medications. All refills are managed with the same urgency.

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